The Amazing Friendship Run 2020

Featuring...Stan Cottrell and a cast of Millions!

World renowned athlete, Stan Cottrell, is embarking on a momentous challenge. Running 30 miles a day for 100 days across the USA, from Los Angeles to Washington DC. The equivalent of OVER 100 back to back marathons!

If HE can do this, so can YOU. Stan invites you to join him, in any way you are able – either as a spectator, volunteer, sponsor or even runner. Get moving for your health and help raise millions for good causes.

The Big Picture

This event is not about Stan. It’s about the millions of people whose lives we can touch directly through their participation or from donations, and the millions more whose lives can be touched and inspired via the Internet, social media and the big screen.

Who is Stan Cottrell?

Stan has been running all his life, ever since he had to run all the way to school at just 6 years old. And in his lifetime has clocked up over 250,000 miles. Think about it – that’s like 10 times around the world.

If he can do this at 76 years old, and even fought back from life-threatening situations like heart-attacks all of us can do something, even if it’s just going for a short walk for ten minutes each day. You’d be amazed how such simple, small disciplines can positively impact your health over time.

Stan’s runs build bridges and give hope and inspiration to millions. He actually holds the record for the fastest run across the USA at just 48 days.

What’s Your Story?

What challenges have you overcome and bounced back from? We want to hear from you. You can join anywhere along the road and have your photo taken with Stan. And if you don’t live near the route, you can video your story and victory over adversity and send it to us to inspire others, or post it to social media and tag us. The world is waiting to hear your story. Millions of people feel they don’t have a voice. We can be your voice.

How can I become a friend of Friendship Sports Association?


The Friendship Sports Association benefits worthy causes, from the Salvation Army and the HERO Foundation to Help, Educate, and Rear Orphans, to feeding and clothing poor and disadvantaged children in Kentucky.

You can help by becoming a friend of the FSA and supporting Stan to run for 100 days straight from Los Angeles to Washington DC, as Stan’s health metrics like his steps, calories, distance covered, and heart rate will be livestreamed throughout the Run.

Support Stan for every step he takes!

Stan will be running an average of 30 miles each day, and all his steps will be recorded by his armtrackr 2020 and livestreamed right here on this site each day.

You can donate as little or as much as you feel comfortable with, and if your donation hits certain milestones – such as $30, $60, $120 and so on according to the chart below – you will also receive wonderful COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS as our way of saying THANK YOU for your generous donation.

Proceeds from the Friendship Run, including from sponsors, merchandise and royalties from the upcoming movie about Stan and the run, are being donated to worthy causes such as Larger Than Life, which helps children with cancer, and the Friendship Sports Association, which benefits people through health, wellness and fitness initiatives.

So no matter how small, every bit helps someone, somewhere have a better quality of life.

Beneficiaries for The Amazing Friendship Run

Hope For Families Adoption and Counseling Services

Mission is to improve the lives of children by providing loving and nurturing help to birth mothers/fathers, adoptive families, and children in foster care, throughout every stage of the adoption journey.

HERO Foundation, Incorporated

HERO stands for Help, Educate and Rear Orphans. Since then, the foundation has been providing educational stipends to military orphans. The financial support helps keep orphans in school as it covers much needed requirements such as school supplies, transportation, meals and even a portion of their tuition fee.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army exists to meet human need wherever, whenever, and however we can.

Friendship Sports Association

Uses “Friendship Runs” throughout the world to: -Break down walls of misunderstanding between nations and peoples – Foster cross-cultural understanding, communication, friendship and cooperation – Spread hope to people who are hurting and provide help for the children in need.

Larger Than Life

We aim to support families facing pediatric cancer from diagnosis to recovery. Our method it to bring about a significant change in these families’ lives by creating joyful experiences while continuing to improve the quality of care and medical conditions for the children.

Feed the Children

Feed the Children is committed to creating a world where no child goes to bed hungry. To end childhood hunger, we must work together to break the cycle of poverty. Feed the Children works with a network of thousands of partner agencies in communities across the country. Our partner agencies include food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens and churches. These agencies make sure the donated food and other essentials reach families in need in the U.S. — free of charge.

WLOC Clothes For Kids Inc.

Provides clothes and coats to poor children in Kentucky