Remote Patient Monitoring Made Simple


247 Health Solution LLC completes the Circle of Care. Our end-to-end IoT platform is device agnostic and designed to integrate a variety of Bluetooth-enabled remote monitoring devices -such as our YesDoctor RPM smart wristband – that connect the patient to the physician through the Internet. Now doctors can monitor patients’ vital signs remotely, in real time, causing the minimum intrusion into the patients’ daily lives.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Improves Patient Experiences & Outcomes

Anyone with one or more chronic conditions is eligible to receive this service.

What’s more, RPM is now fully reimbursable under Medicare and insurance, making it even more accessible to the 133M+ chronic care patients (40% of the population) in the USA alone.

Who needs Remote Patient Monitoring in the USA?

  • More than 133 Million Chronic Care Sufferers
  • More than 84 Million Prediabetes and 30 Million Diabetes patients
  • More than 30 Million patients diagnosed with heart disease
  • Anyone who is infirm or whose doctor feels needs constant monitoring

For Providers

Find out how an YesDoctor RPM completes the Circle of Care.

Simple to set up and administer

24/7 coverage of patients at risk


Vital signs tracked with built-in alerts


Integrated billing and reporting


HIPAA compliant platform

Cut costs and increase practice revenues

For Patients

Find out how an YesDoctor RPM delivers convenience and peace of mind.


User-friendly, water-resistant, lightweight


24/7 monitoring your health and sleep

Quick recharging, lasts for days


Reminders, alerts and SOS functions

Reduce hospital or doctor visits

Fully covered by insurance

YesDoctor RPM

Lifestyle Solution for 24 Hour Remote Patient Monitoring. YesDoctor RPM is improving patient outcomes, by offering healthcare providers cutting edge wearable technology to monitor their health and vital signs remotely.

Lightweight & User Friendly

YesDoctor RPM is lightweight and user friendly and can be worn by any patient to detect and relay their vital signs 24/7 to our doctor portal where their healthcare provider can monitor them remotely, with real time tracking for billing.

Medical Grade Sensors

YesDoctor RPM uses the latest medical-grade sensors and AI algorithms to deliver continuous heart rate, blood pressure, ECG (lead 1), HRV, Stress levels and Vascular Elasticity and AFib risk, and even sleep hygiene (quality); plus all the metrics you’d expect from a smartwatch like step counter, calories, activity levels and so on.

HIPAA Compliant

The YesDoctor RPM constantly relays its data to our mobile application, which then uploads it to our centralized and secure HIPAA-compliant dashboard where it can be accessed to monitor your patients’ heart, health and lifestyle information.

Doctors Remarks

Michael T. Phillips

Healthcare Executive

Dr. Reginald Abraham

Thoracic Surgeon

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Family Physician

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