Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) may play a Key Role in Hypertension Awareness and Treatment in Women

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While researchers continue to focus on the physiological aspects of hypertension in women, the psycho-social underpinnings of this silent killer should not be ignored.

While researchers continue to study the physiological differences in hypertension between women and men—from causes, to onset, to presentation—the psycho-social component of the disease should not be ignored. Dr. Reg Abraham, a cardiovascular surgeon at Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center and Director of Less Invasive Heart and Lung Surgery Center in southern California explains, “Many women take on the role of main caregiver in their family—often with a natural tendency to place everyone else’s health ahead of their own. Add a full-time job to the equation and you have a perfect set up for chronic stress and seemingly little time to take care of themselves. Stress along with a poor diet, lack of sleep, and too little exercise can all contribute to high blood pressure.” 

It is not unusual to see female patients falling into the “sandwich generation” —caring for both their children and their aging parents while their own health is put on the back burner. What is Dr. Abraham’s advice to these women? “Prevention is paramount.  Once you visit your doctor and undergo the necessary screenings, you can gain direction and easily monitor your blood pressure.” 

Studies show that self-monitored blood pressure under the guidance of a healthcare professional can be more effective than self-monitoring alone. And the technology makes it simpler and more convenient than ever before. “It’s as easy as putting on your watch,” Dr. Abraham explains. “You don’t even have to think about the setup—it’s done for you. The device increases the patient’s freedom while allowing them to stay healthy and be preventative.”

Mobile devices also make it possible for patients to be monitored in real time. Through smart watch devices, such as the YesDoctor!TM smart watch through 247 Health Solution, patients have access to state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring (RPM) with round-the-clock monitoring of their biometric readings. 

The YesDoctor!TM smart watch sends a health alert to the platform’s call center when a patient’s blood pressure reading falls outside the defined range by their doctor. The call center team can then engage with the patient to determine their status and contact their doctor if needed. 

“The best use of technology is simple, convenient, and effective for people with busy lifestyles says Dr. Abraham. “It enables them to perform their life’s most important work.” 

By leveraging technology, 247 Health Solution through its YesDoctor!TM platform is creating a better experience for both patients and providers.

Want to learn more about our progressive approach to remote patient monitoring and offer this innovative and convenient solution to your patients now? 

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