YesDoctor RPM

Our Platform

The 247 Health Solution LLC Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution combines wearable technology, an App. on the patient’s phone, and a proprietary Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant IoT platform called YesDoctor™ Dashboard,  where a doctor or a caregiver can log in and view their patient’s vital signs remotely, potentially saving lives, cutting costs, unnecessary hospital visits and increasing revenue for the physician. 

247 Health Solution LLC can offer the physician (and their patients) a range of hardware solutions to measure vital signs from heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, to glucose monitoring and so on. These are synced via Bluetooth from the device to the app on their smart phone, tablet or iPad which in turn connects securely through the Internet to the YesDoctor™ platform where the all the biometric readings can be viewed in real time. 

The YesDoctor RPM smart watch is one such product. It has its own comprehensive app which the patient can read and connects to the Cloud. The data from the watch is then relayed via the app to the Cloud allowing the doctor to remotely monitor his patient, and bill for it!

247 Health Solution LLC also provides a U.S. based call center (247 Health Connect) that can monitor the data in our YesDoctor Dashboard and receives alerts when a patients readings elevate or their condition changes. This outreach is what can proactively engage the patient, the physician and the care team to intervene in a way that is timely and potentially avoid the need for an office visit, ER visit or hospital admission. Our call center can initiate a billable telephonic encounter or telehealth visit with the provider using the video platform of choice.