Powered By Gento™ Technology

YesDoctor proudly partners with Gento, an Los Angeles-based digital health startup transforming the way healthcare is delivered to the home with its unique and comprehensive care delivery platform. 

Gento combines an intelligent HIPAA-compliant platform, user-friendly mobile apps and an extensive nation-wide network of clinicians to deliver high quality care to thousands of patients per week, in their homes both in person and via its proprietary secure telehealth video chat. Gento is now rolling out an extension of the platform to the internet of things to include passive and active monitoring of key health metrics to further assist our provider partners in delivering next generation healthcare directly to patients’ homes. 

Gento has integrated its platform with some of the latest remote monitoring devices to continuously and passively collect key vitals such as heart rate, temperature, activity, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. Based on configurable parameters, these signals are turned into actionable clinical insights for the proactive patient management while reducing fatigue alert. Customized questionnaires, education and prompts gather additional data and guide patients towards better outcomes. Gento is rapidly identifying and adding a range of best-in-class devices to the platform while developing increasingly sophisticated algorithms to cross-reference multiple types of signals and deliver entirely new types of clinical insights in collaboration with leading health systems.