YesDoctor ccm+

CCM+ Is A 360° Continuous Care Management Solution To Help Monitor And Alert Changes In Body Temperature And Location

The YesDoctor CCM+ is an integral part of the CCM+ system for CONTINUOUS CARE MANAGEMENT as it is able to continuously measure both body temperature and heart rate of the wearer, two vital health metrics that could serve as indicators of a possible infection or fever, and relay that data to their healthcare provider or other approved authority via the Internet.

Using geofencing, CCM+ can also reinforce both quarantine and social distancing in the wearer, alerting them and their doctor to any breaches. In doing so, it is also able to create a heat map and warn of any potential viral clusters. What’s reassuring from a healthcare worker’s point of view is that all this can be implemented remotely without needing to have direct contact with the patient.

In conjunction with the YesDoctor™ App on the wearer’s smartphone and the YesDoctor™ dashboard in the Cloud, where the wearer’s doctor or other approved viewer may log in and remotely monitor their health condition, the armtrackrCCM+ helps provide a 360 degree monitoring and tracking solution to help combat the spread of coronaviruses or other highly contagious diseases.

The temperature accuracy was tested in a standardized thermostatic water container (FLUKE) and found to be consistently within 0.1 degree or less of the benchmark temperature.