We are Passionate About Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

Our Story

247 Health Solution LLC delivers state of the art solutions for the health and wellness industries, combining the latest wearable technology and connected devices to improve quality of life. Whether we are providing Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) using our smart wearables (YesDoctor RPM , YesDoctor RPM CCM+ , ECG T-shirt ) and other wearables connected to the YesDoctor™️ Cloud dashboard for doctors and other professionals to monitor patients or customers remotely, or bringing the most advanced wireless EMS training technology to market (AWI Powersuit) to increase muscle density, firm up and burn fat without heavy weights, 247 Health Solution LLC is committed to excellence.

Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, California, 247 Health Solution LLC is at the forefront of innovation in using technology and IoT platforms to improve people’s lives, wether chronic care patients or fitness-conscious individuals. User-friendliness and technical excellence are in our DNA and we are always seeking to improve and provide better solutions.

Mission Statement

Our ultimate goal is to provide access to the highest quality of patient care with a personal touch by allowing for real-time notification and collaborative monitoring services, and to become the leading healthcare wearables platform in the world. In other words, you can’t always be there for them. But 247 Health Solution LLC can. We aim to redefine how care is planned and managed, with a remote monitoring solution that never sleeps. This is how we reThink healthcare. Arm your health with 247 Health Solution LLC.

Social Responsibility

Larger Than Life

247 Health Solution LLC is committed to helping save lives in every way we can. As such, we donate a portion of our revenues to causes where we can benefit others.

For example, for every YesDoctor RPM prescribed and used by patients, 247 Health Solution LLC donates $1 per patient, per month to Larger Than Life, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of the families and children facing pediatric cancer. Larger Than Life

With more than 137 million chronic care patients in the USA alone who are eligible to benefit from Remote Patient Monitoring through the healthcare system, less than 0.1% market share for 247 Health Solution LLC would yield more than $100,000 to Larger Than Life every single month. This is truly life-changing money. And every doctor who prescribes RPM with 247 Health Solution LLC is helping save a child’s life or make it measurably better.

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Friendship Sports Association

We also support the Friendship Sports Association, which uses sports and activity initiatives to raise money for children’s needs and inspire people to take control of their health through movement. Advanced Remote Monitoring worked with this 501c3 organization to create The Amazing Friendship Run from July 4th for 100 days with legendary runner, Stan Cottrell running 3000 miles in just 100 days to raise money for children in need and other worthy causes. As well as benefiting the community, the Run is also a real-world environment where someone’s vital signs, like Stan Cottrell’s, are able to be viewed remotely over the Internet.

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Meet The Team

Seasoned professionals from the fields of Healthcare and medicine, customer acquisition, and technology integration have teamed up to develop an open yet sophisticated platform for Remote Patient Monitoring.

Abigal Aboitiz


An experienced executive with demonstrated history of success. A clear strategist who thinks big and is comfortable with accountability and capable of executing to the highest level. Abigail is a unique asset in that she consistently identifies and engages the industries brightest minds in her vision for a higher level of care. She has diversified interests in and around healthcare, beauty & medtech with business spanning 28 countries. Founder of Advanced Palliative Care Services, a company she established to manage the evolving landscape of healthcare for aging communities. Prior to founding APS, she owned and operated multiple Home Health and Hospices. Abigail delivers consistent results and is relentless in her pursuits.

Nigel Allan


A skilled sales and marketing strategist, Nigel started his marketing career within London advertising agencies, and later found his niche in the Direct Sales Field as a successful entrepreneur and expert in this specialised channel sought out by companies wishing to grow their sales internationally. An accomplished speaker and sales trainer, he has trained literally hundreds of thousands of salespeople worldwide. From product concept to production, logistics, compensation to sales training and motivation, Nigel is well rounded and a recognized professional in the industry. As a speaker and consultant, he has addressed both University students on the subjects of international marketing and distinguished scientists on the applications of biotechnology in cosmetics. In her seminal book, Skin Revolution, best-selling author Lesley Kenton called him “the most knowledgeable person on chirality in cosmetics in the world” after he created a unique line optimizing the optical activity of active compounds. His keen eye for technology transfer helps guide the Advanced Remote Monitoring direction in wearable tech applications.

Dr. Glenn Marshak


Dr. Marshak has been Chief of Staff of multiple local hospitals as well as sat on the Board of Directors and Medical Executive Committees. Dr. Marshak has volunteered his time and held many Chairs of departments in these hospitals such as vice Chief and Chief of Medicine during the past 20 years.  CMO of the original management team (Integrity) that approached the Daughters of Charity Health System (DOCHS) in April 2015 to buy or manage the system.  Selected by DOCHS in July, 2015 as winning bidder with Blue Mountain Capital Management. Deal closed on December 14, 2015 after CA Attorney General approval.