Containing the spread of Covid-19 presents an unprecedented challenge.

CCM+ is an unprecedented solution.

Current Challenges

There is no way to ensure a patient maintains quarantine or a safe social distance.

There is no continuous monitoring to track abnormalities and symptoms in a person and alert the healthcare professionals.

A spot test may show negative, but the person can be infected later by someone currently asymptomatic. It’s like trying to empty a floating vessel with a bucket.

Continuous Care Monitoring™ (CCM+) addresses these issues

Utilizing smart wearable technology combined with an AI-assisted, Cloud-based platform, it provides doctors and authorities key data to monitor and contain the spread of Covid-19, and simultaneously keep our frontline health workers safe.

And the cost of deployment is covered under existing CPT Billing Codes for Remote Patient Monitoring.

It’s a threefold, 360 degree solution:

Backend Solution
  • Detect temperature abnormalities.
  • Detect patterns among population.
  • Create location based clusters to raise Red Alerts for localities.
Medical Solution
  • Identify Sick Person.
  • Monitor location and physical movements.
  • Raise alerts when Sick Person is mobile.
Tracking Solution
  • Share data with Doctors.
  • Raise alerts to the Doctor.
  • Recommend nearest specialized treatment center or Hospital.

What Healthcare Professionals Are Saying

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How Does It Work?


Clinical staff, patients, and even potential patients receive a smart wristband. 


This is connected via an app on their smartphone to a remote monitoring platform that monitors both temperature and heart rate, along with other health metrics.  


If abnormalities are detected the user is prompted to notify the app of any other potential symptoms to ascertain whether they need to be tested for Covid-19, and the back-end system is alerted so their health provider and/or authorities are made aware of their current condition.



Geo location is sent out to the user of the nearest medical center, and simultaneously the medical center is also alerted about the possibly infected person. If one medical center has high traffic, additional cases can be diverted accordingly.


Using geo-fencing, a defined geographical area can be set for quarantine and if it is breached, or they remove the device or even forget to charge it, their doctor and relevant authorities are alerted, if required.


Similarly, if they are not showing symptoms and can be outside, the device will notify them and their doctor if they are in proximity to another person wearing the device who shows symptoms. This also enables us to create a useful heat map.

Benefits of CCM+

  • Continuous monitoring of everyone wearing the device that alerts any abnormality and symptoms, protecting both patients and frontline healthcare workers.
  • Geographic location monitoring of the infected person to avoid him/her moving outside and infecting others.
  • Geographic location information of all users to understand high-risk/low risk areas.
  • If any medical center has high traffic, additional cases can be diverted accordingly
  • It is covered under CPT billing codes for Remote Patient Monitoring, will cut costs, and save lives.


What to do now

Medical facilities are being stretched to the max and becoming overwhelmed juggling the priorities of maintaining proper care along with the safety of their staff. A smart remote monitoring solution can solve both challenges, so you can stay on top of the situation. Everyone can benefit from CCM+. 

Don’t delay. Speak to us today about deploying CCM+ as soon as possible. Delays will cost lives.

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