Remote Patient Monitoring...Simplified

At YesDoctor, we take the hassle out of RPM. Our cutting-edge platform makes it easy and convenient to design and execute a remote care program that steers your practice toward unparalleled success. We truly bridge the gap between you and your patients.

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How it works

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

You provide your patients with at-home remote monitoring kits that enable you to keep track of vitals such as weight, blood pressure, glucose, and heart rate. Any time they have abnormal readings, you’ll intervene and provide the timely, customized care they need. The results? A reduced risk of complications, healthier, happier patients, and increased revenue for you as the provider.


Better Patient Experience

Since YesDoctor will share real-time data about your patients, you’ll be able to review your course of treatment and make smart care decisions that empower them to improve their health while reducing emergency room and hospital visits.


24/7 Patient Support

With YesDoctor, you’ll be able to “watch out for” your patients round-the-clock. They’ll always feel supported and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’ll provide quality care, even when they’re away from your office.


Higher Quality Care

YesDoctor allows you to help your patients when they need it most, at the exact moment they’re in pain or struggling with a condition or treatment. You’ll receive a holistic understanding of their condition and give patients the opportunity to better recognize abnormalities and problems.


Increase Revenue

With YesDoctor, you’ll optimize healthcare outcomes for your patients while increasing your efficiency and revenue. You’ll be able unlock new revenue streams without any upfront costs or extra resources.

Why Choose Us

How We Do Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote monitoring is ordered by you as the treating provider. The order can generate delivery and set up of equipment, or equipment may be provided to a patient at an in-person visit, along with instructions on set up. The care team can conduct a short, remote course on how to use the equipment and communications.

Complimentary Devices

You won’t have to pay a penny for our innovative at-home devices because they’re included in the cost of the platform.

24/7 Support Call Center

Our knowledgeable and experienced representatives are here for you to improve your patient satisfaction while ensuring a seamless experience.

No Long-Term Contracts

We don’t require long-term contracts or capital investments so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying our one-of-a-kind platform.

Easy-to-Use Devices

Our devices are a breeze to use but if your patients need assistance, we’ll be happy to answer their questions and address any issues right away.

Automatic Tracking

Since we provide automatic tracking, you can monitor your patients on a daily basis, identify potential risks, and treat illnesses and diseases proactively.


Our Fully-featured Physician and QHP dashboard put you in control. Keep track of all your patients important data in one place.


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